A Promise to Keep or: Why should we write?

This is not my first attempt at blogging. I started using blogspot.com (now blogger.com) around 2006 (I guess) to write weird poems, and analyze songs I liked. It died abruptly, due to some external pressure (long story). Nevertheless, I started again in 2010ish, this time about something I love the most in the world: films. This was about the same time I was watching about 500 movies a year, and enjoying most of them, which gave me enough motivation to write. I like to call this time the iCheckMovies era.

During this time, besides watching 3-4 movies a day, I spent hours (whatever were left) talking to people all over the globe, on forums that some of us build, and Facebook, about films that we all loved to watch and talk about. These were not the “typical mainstream trash” (inside joke, no offense intended). These were the movies that could change the way you think about yourself and the world as you know it. At least I can say that about myself. I became deeply involved with films, and wanted to do something about it. There are several things about films that I love. From the art of making films to the sheer genius of critiquing them. I love it all. But the thing that I love the most is the power and influence of cinema (and any other form of visual media for that matter), and its educational implications. I knew I wanted to write about films, so my love for critiquing films got me into blogging after a hiatus. As you might have predicted, I failed to foster the excitement, since it did not satisfy any intellectual purpose for me. I was writing mainly about the things I hated, and eventually, the mere thought of a blog started to vex me. I realized soon enough that it was the educational aspect that could allow me to both cherish and respect films without starting to hate the process of analyzing them.

When I started the Educational Psychology and Educational Technology program at MSU, even I did not think I’d do things this close to my interest. In short, I get to watch, analyze, discuss, think, and, finally, write about films and visual media. The best part is that I also get paid. Here, in EPET, I am surrounded by interesting discussions and topics of intrigue. Meaning making, neuroscience, cosmology, politics, theology, science, films, history, geography, we enjoy talking about it all. The ebb and flow of new ideas is more vivid than ever. While I get to academically write about some cool things that I like, there are still ideas that I wish to talk/write about. Everyday I promise myself, “I should write about this” or “This is so blog-worthy.” But as you can see from the blog, the last time I wrote was back in the good old days of 2013. I have been procrastinating more than ever, and this time I have no reason not to blog. So, this is it. I will blog regularly now (failure to commit is evident). Once a month (that’s more like it).

Consider this my first blog post of a new age of blogging (for me, that is). You must be thinking, “Who gives a sh*t?” Well, I do. Writing about the wonders of the world we live in is the best gift we can give to ourselves. Our words are all that will live on. If I do not start writing today, I am wasting another day. And why just me, everyone is. Don’t be like me. Start writing about the things you love. Science, Art, Math, Poetry, Language, Humor, Films, and all the things that make you happy. Things that you want to be remembered for.

This is it. This is all we have. Leave your mark. Bloggers will rise!