artsawuf is a solo art project to explore art-based epistemologies and ontologies. The word ‘artsawuf’ is a portmanteau of art and tassawuf (an arabic term of sufism). Thinking of art as devotion–an exercise in understanding self and the world through it–I intend to develop better pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning complex concepts and experiences such as depression, existence, belongingness, oppression, and so on.

I like to play on the intersections of disciplines and in my art, too, I inevitably create transmedia artifacts that are extensions of my mind and body.

You can explore my extant works here on my Instagram page.


ACT4TECC (Advancing Computational Thinking for Teacher Education in Central California) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded $1.2 million 5-year project to help prepare and introduce 60 new computing-aware STEM teachers in the Central Valley.

This project evolved out of a collaborative effort with a colleague from computer science at Fresno State, Dr. Matin Pirouz. Along with colleagues from Science and Mathematics, we have designed transdisciplinary courses to inject computational thinking, transdisciplinary habits of mind, and computer programming understanding into secondary school teacher preparation.


STESSA (STEM Teacher Education and School Strengthening Activity) is an USAID-funded initiative led by 21PSTEM in Philadelphia in collaboration with multiple US-based universities. 21PSTEM pioneered an 18-step design process to create a fully integrated advanced STEM high school curriculum for the Egyptian Ministry of Education as part of a five-year $30M USAID project. The curriculum is “backward-designed” from ten “Grand Challenges” and utilizes related semester Capstone projects. Eleven new STEM high schools use the curriculum with 16 more new STEM schools planned.

I consult the project on curriculum design related to transdisciplinary STEM, educational technology, creativity, and multiliteracies.


CETSA (Critical Educational Technology Scholars Alliance) is a fancy name for a collaborative network of scholars and educators working on and around global and local issues pertaining to education, technology, and power. Our collective goal is to make academic struggle less stressful and make intellectual exchange more constructive and impactful.

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