Webinar 285


The major project is a team assignment worth 100 points. 

Context: The current assignment description for Webinar 285 <<Livestream>> is based on a recent adaptation of a Seminar in Advanced Educational Psychology course for graduate degree level program offered to students across departments. Students include a mix of working professionals and part-time students serving as educators, counselors, and therapists in the Central Valley, California. Over past three semesters, this assignment has been iterated to eventually to fit with student needs and address their lived experiences. In the recent iteration, given the shelter-in-place orders due to COVID-19, the final product that students collaboratively create for the course has become a livestream with chat enabled for other students to view and join. This iteration offers students a real-world application that is becoming a likely scenario is their professional and personal lives. At the time of writing this, the instructor is modeling livestreams for his instruction, not restricting working students to a synchronous meeting times to offer flexibility to join in via chat or watch a live recording later (with chat).

Project Description: Based on the readings and discussions in the weeks 1-3, address the following real-world challenge as to how it applies to your professional context. You will be working as a team of three people so you need to address all your contexts or pick one that you all can comfortably address. 

Format: 55-min Webinar Livestream.

Team Size: 3 people 

Submission: Livestream an educational webinar on the topic of migrant crisis. Use Youtube or any livestream service of your choice. With your team, discuss and present on the prompt below. Upload the final video to Youtube as “Unlisted” (don’t post as Public unless you want to) (and don’t post as Private either)Copy and Paste link in to submit your course project.

Prompt: The migrant crisis in Europe, Southern US, Myanmar (among other countries) is one example of many humanitarian crises we are still facing as a society. Educators are often called on to help tackle some of these challenges. What are some theoretical, practical, and policy-based suggestions you would like to make to other educators in your field of work who may need to accommodate migrant students? Use the readings from this course to construct an argument that addresses the key concerns Dewey and Freire have raised. Refer to the readings in Week 3 for assistance on learning theories. 

Clearly address the following in your 55-min webinar (all durations below are suggestions):

  1. Problem Statement: 5 minutes  of the problem in your own words
  2. Introduction: 10 minutes of your overall approach to the problem
  3. A Summary of Dewey’s concerns as they affect your context in 5 minutes
  4. A Summary of Freire’s concerns as they affect your context in 5 minutes
  5. A Summary of Other Learning theories (Week 3) as they affect your context in 5 minutes
  6. Discussion: Your interpretation of the best possible approach – 10 minutes words
  7. Suggestions: Without being prescriptive, offer at least 3 suggestions for research, practice or policy. – 15 minutes
  8. Mention the names of the authors and their works in the end with a list of all credible references. Bibliography will not be counted towards the length of the video. 

Useful tools: 


  Project Webinar Rubric

Problem Statements
Clear description of core problem in your own words
This area will be used by the assessor to leave comments related to this criterion.
Clear evidence for why this problem is worth studying and how it could be approached
This area will be used by the assessor to leave comments related to this criterion.
Clear path offered for possible suggestions
This area will be used by the assessor to leave comments related to this criterion.
Clear connections to and inclusion of readings and course material
This area will be used by the assessor to leave comments related to this criterion.


Complete / Incomplete